28 June 2024

Local Independent Estate Agents Wins Community Award

Local Independent West Sussex Estate Agents wins community award for their fundraising efforts.

28 March 2024


5 March 2024

Latest Property Market Update To February 2024

As we start the third month of 2024, and on the eve of the Spring budget, what is the UK property currently doing?

2 February 2024

Property Market Update For January 2024

With inflation once again rising and the Bank Of England not increasing the base rate. How has the property market started in 2024?

26 October 2023

The Latest Rules About Carbon Monoxide And Smoke Alarms For Landlords

Landlords are responsible for ensuring the correct alarms are installed and in working order. Alarms must be tested on the day the tenancy begins.

6 September 2023

Help Feed The 5,000 For Christmas 2023

Every Christmas The Greenaway Foundation helps financially challenged families, by providing them with all the ingredients they need to cook a two course Christmas dinner.

31 August 2023

Electrical Safety Inspections: Everything Landlords Need to Know

Landlords are responsible for making sure the electrical system in their properties is not only safe but must be able to prove it was inspected by a competant person.

13 July 2023

What Are My Access Rights As A Landlord in West Sussex

As a Landlord do you have rights to access to your property or can your tenant refuse you access?

23 June 2023

Ley Line Of East Grinstead

Why have the prehistoric ley lines attracted so many religions, faiths and belief organisations into the local area?

22 June 2023

Renting Out A Property

With a slowing housing market, many property sellers are warming to the idea of letting their properties out as the rental market remains very buoyant and rents continue to rise.

12 June 2023

Anti Money Laundering Checks

If you are looking ot buy, sell or rent a property, you must comply with the Anti Money Laundering checks.

9 June 2023

2022 Updated EPC Rules

Energy Performance Cerificates were first introduced in 2007, but were updated in 2022. The updated regulations are to help the Governmet meet their emissions targets.